Meeting Agenda

MEETING #4 AGENDA (revised)

Sunday June 24, 2007

3:00-5:00 pm with potluck

   * Inspirational opening (15 minutes) /Potluck – Robin  
   * Special Presentation (3 minutes) – Cindy
   * Introduction/new folks (will gauge time depending on # registered, 7 minutes max) - Hien
   * Announcements/upcoming events (30 seconds each, 5 minute max), Open up for Suggested Keynote Speakers - Hien
   * Outreach/Publicity (5 minutes) - Cindy
         o Bring a Friend/Make a Friend
   * Issue/Cause (25 minutes) - Robin/Cindy
   * Social Event (15 minutes) - Matt/Robin
         o Other events: community music in the park, Cinema San Pedro, etc.
         o Every other Tuesday
         o Bowling at SJSU Event Center July 10 at 7:30p, Two for Tues. $2 per game -- Hunger Takes No Holiday Canned Food Drive -- 1 canned box or boxed item donated = 1 Free game of bowling, 30 minutes of free pool, or 1 hour of table tennis); 3 canned or box items = summer half price pass
   * Closing (5 minutes) - Robin/Cindy

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