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Sunday, February 25, 2007 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM, Coffee Society
Attendance: Aaron Chavira, Aaron Wilcher, David Wright, Hien Tran, Leo Romero, Lynn Austin
Note taker: Hien Tran

  • Brainstorm
    • Bring up clearness of Mission as a group – Aaron W. What are we all about? – Hien – Discuss at 3/18 event
      • Networking
      • Projects for nonprofit community
        • advocacy project for the future
        • advertise nonprofits
        • do-gooder fair
    • National organizations to emulate (Lynn/Aaron W.)
      • Foundation Center of San Francisco
      • Interaction (organization)
      • Silicon Valley Volunteer Center
      • Commonspace in St. Louis: Aaron W.
      • Circle of life
      • What makes us different?
    • Online : too much confusion on different tools. Discuss at 3/18 meeting. Digest listserve email weekly, post to Yahoo group and wiki – Aaron w.
    • Matrix for networking– Lynn, Leo, Aaron C.
      • By area of interests
      • By skills/experience
    • Create a catchy phrase: “Making the world a better place at one party at a time”
    • Officers
      • Board of advisors?
      • Organizer of organizers: Leo has to step down. Unanimous nominee: Curt Beckmann. (He was notified and is thinking about it).
    • Have a monthly meeting (at a certain time/date) – Aaron W.
    • Venues/Events in area:
      • Martin Luther King Library (conference) - Hien
      • San Jose State University - Hien
      • Brooks College (Sunnyvale) – David
      • California History Center, Deazna - Aaron W
      • National Hispanic University – Lynn
    • Volunteer opportunities
      • Beach clean up volunteer and start change?
      • Listing of volunteers
      • Research for and volunteermatch for volunteer opportunities for our members – Aaron w., Aaron C., Hien
  • Agenda for 3/18 meeting
    • Introductions/networking:
      • 30 minute intervals; 3 iterations
      • Split into interest groups - tables
      • Answer these questions: (1) What have you done, (2) what are you working on now, (3) where do you hope to go in the future?
      • Switch tables - Aaron W. will bring Gong
    • Our online tools – Leo - these are tools/these are what we’re using, how to use them.
    • Do-gooder fair - Leo
      • Purpose/description
      • Dates: June/July (outdoor)
      • Locations: Fremont / San Mateo (coordinate w/SF meeting)
      • List nonprofits/partners
    • Best wishes for the future – pictures
    • See revised agenda

Next organizers meeting: Sunday, March 4, 2007 at 7pm venue TBD

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