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Address: 1585 Schallenberger Road in San Jose near Hwy 880 & Brokaw Road
Phone: 408/795-5403
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Nothing like KTEH exists anywhere else in the Bay Area or on the television dial. KTEH is the hallmark of quality television in the minds of many viewers. It celebrates the best of our culture and exposes us to the culture of others. KTEH programming stimulates personal growth and promotes a greater understanding of the world around us. As part of the PBS network it is the only television service specifically designed to touch and teach, stimulate the imagination, inform and entertain.

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2006 August 4-20

Phone Group Volunteers are needed August 4th – 20th for the KTEH Silicon Valley Public Television, Summer On-Air Membership Campaign. Volunteers answer phones and take pledges from our viewers plus they have a lot of fun! Shifts average about 5 hours but there are many scheduled breaks during that time period. This is a good opportunity to meet others who also recognize the importance of supporting PBS.

2006 Month 02

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