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Contact Information

Address: PO Box 7958 Fremont, CA 94537
Phone: 510-739-1597
Fax: 510-739-1597
Contact: Jean Kneisler
Position: President


Purrfect Cat Rescue is a non profit corporation dedicated to the rescue of stray and abandoned cats in the Tri-City area of California. We operate solely on donations and adoption fees and are staffed by volunteers who foster cats in their homes until they are adopted out.

Vital Stats

Number of animals rescued: 800+
Number of volunteers: 30+

Current Projects

  • Project CATSNIP - in depth look into the plight of feral cats, featuring a feral cat colony right here in the Tri City Area. We are dedicated to TNR and TNR Education.


Nancy Mitrick in Honor of Coach Dan Mitrick, The Animal Nanny, Pathfinder Software

How you can help

Volunteer Page:
Donation Page:
Purrfect Cat Rescue is always in need of volunteer foster homes, transporters, and administrative help like mailings, phone calls, etc.

Calendar of Events

Online Calendar:

Every Friday

Mobile Adoption event at Petco in Fremont. 5-8pm. Come adopt your new forever friend.

Every Saturday

Mobile Adoption event at Pet Club in Hayward. 12-3pm. Come adopt your new forever friend.

Every Sunday

Mobile Adoption event at Petco in Union City. 12-3pm. Come adopt your new forever friend.
Mobile Adoption event at Pet Club in Hayward. 1 - 3:30pm. Come adopt your new forever friend.

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  • From her new home: Tootsie is doing just fine--and eating like a horse! She's already gained close to a half pound! The dogs and cats are all getting along just fine. Tootsie and my other two cats seem to ignore each other. I was hoping my older male would play with her, but maybe in time. I think Tootsie is a bit intimidated by him since he is so large. My older golden doesn't care one way or another, and my younger, Sierra, loves Tootsie, but is just a bit active around her. She's learning to be gentler with Tootsie.

  • I adopted Colby and Logan (formerly Maggie and Larry) over Memorial Day weekend and it's been a lot of fun watching them adjust to each other, their new environment and their new older brother. I forgot how "springy" babies are!!! I'm happy to report that everyone is doing well and having fun. Thanks Purrfect Cat Rescue!


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