Dear Toys....I am Michael Quinn, of SQUIRREL CROSSING,a band that was supposed to play at the fairgrounds last Sunday,with my daughter Marina.We were recruited last year during our set break by an IMPOSTER,pretending to be the CEO ,or director of the local program. He and his lovely wife kindly asked us to return this year as our father/daughte duet to play that set of Christmas carols which thrilled the house last year.We joyfully agreed whe uour host Orlando called a couple months ago,claining to be the entertainment coordinator.We actually had him in our home studio for thee reheasals, despite his obvious illiteracy, that is he cannot read the words to Jingle Bells, Feliz Navidad, etc.We figured that he would dance or paragraph....When were cancelled on Saturday for Marinas' classical piano set in the morning we should have known something was wrong.As we loadedour instruments onstage Sunday it was apparent something was truly amiss...our other host,Mark,from last year was bleary eyed,barely coherent.The sound system was funky, and a band'Dog Doo Dirt Band ' borrowed my guitar stand.What is a band named after dogshit doing at your show...our show? Then the dulcimer girls took our timeslot....soon we informed that a country band had the next soundcheck and hour,we were to follow the Mexican Dancers, some very cute kids and thier coach whom we enjoye last year paragraph...This is a chat page,right?Why were we, the band recuited by the IMPOSTER ceo last year bumped to a 4:30 'maybe you get a half hour' position?Our Christmas set of sevem well known carols tales longer than that.This is where I appologize for dipping out, when my teenage superpiano player needed another tampon.Your drug addict and handicap DJ hosts and incompetent sound crew have substituted Joy To The World for a dogdoo band and left us with a lump in our throat, a lump of coal.No good deed goes unpunished,eh? Michael

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