• Research for Ben’s NP Flight – Giving

Co-Founder of VolunteerMatch in 1996, which has matched two million volunteers. Founder of UniversalGiving (UG), Created gift registries, allowing friends to donate to these registries as a meaningful gift, celebrating birthdays, weddings and other meaningful events. Verifying management track record of projects, affiliations of others who funded them and financial statements for satiability.

  • 1.4:00 Find the thread in your life that has always been persistent – a calling for which you are very passionate, i.e. Flying, kayaking, rollerblading, and landscaping, selling - social interaction.
  • 2.10:00 Competitive matrix - Do the due diligence. Understand the marketplace and create a competitive matrix of the players in your space. Non-Profits are notoriously overlapping. Define what makes yours unique and distinctive.
  • 3.10:00 Climate and Market place as they exist now i.e. competitive landscape of how the causes you are looking to serve are being serve currently.
  • 3.11;00 Funding - Have at least one year to 18 months of funding in the bank. This will allow you to focus on your mission more efficiently without having to worry about covering next month’s expenses. Keeping your mind creative & open. Avg. burn rate 8k to 12k a mo.
  • 4.11:00 Testimonial – i.e. when I was 11 years old and went with my father to Taiwan Mexico, and I saw the desperate poverty their, trash heaps 20 feet tall, absolutely shocking - I said this is completely unacceptable for me. How you can make a positive impact for others using your skills and talents.
  • 5.11:40 Executive Summary i.e. do they know and can they speak about that business? The Mission,

The Vision, The Funding Sources - 3. Credit Card purchases, 2. Gift Registries 3. Direct mailers, flyers 4.web development 5. Special events. and the ways you are going to be able to generate revenue.

  • 6.11:40 Board members - Endorsements, Advisors, and buy in’s 100,000 financial commitment– do you agree with this idea? Do you think it’s needed? Will you support me in it? – resouces 1. compass point 2.

General Advisors, i.e. Funders and people high up in the community. Corporate Advisors, i.e. CSR from KPMG. NGO Advisors.

  • 7.14:48Inspire and Evangelize, get the word out their by sales and marketing 101.

Present them with an opportunity, for them to give and do something positive. Not from a place of need. Instead from a place of opportunity for them.

  • 8.16:00Support Network, of people not in your association. That you can talk to when times get tough.
  • 9.22:00Recuit and hire a strong vibrant team that you can delegate to. Bring in volunteers and interns so as not to burn out your regular staff. Find a channel of place though the jr. colleges and local HS.

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